Monday, May 6, 2013

Please Protect Mothers
Please Protect Un-born & Newly-born Babies
Protect the Catholic Church
Protect Your First Amendment Constitutional Rights to
Freedom of Speech and Religion

Please contact your State Representatives and State Senators in Olympia…tell them you are “Opposed” to House Bill HB1044 and Senate Bill SB5798 that would require ALL health
insurance policies in the state of Washington to include mandated coverage for abortions.
This bill provides NO exceptions for religious organizations or churches, nor any exclusions for personal religious beliefs.

Call your elected officials at 800-562-6000 immediately (FAST & EASY)! This special session in Olympia runs through the end of June.

Or send them an email by going to
Email as many members as you would like

Urge your legislators to:
Vote NO on HB 1044
Vote NO on SB 5798

that would require “health plan coverage for the voluntary termination of a pregnancy”